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    Anyone has an advice about the following problem I having in ASP.NET?<BR> <BR>The problem is I have a page with images ( around the whole page is about 130kb with images ) and I have 2 dropdownlists. So I want to achieve if the first dropdown fires a postback event to the server the second dropdownlist values changing (depend on the selected value from the first dropdown) but the page won&#039;t go blank ( that usually happen when the control fires an postback event and the server building up the page again). The whole problem is when the postback event fires it takes a while when the server response to it and build up again the page with the new values.<BR> <BR>Do you know any solution for that? Would the client side caching be a solution?<BR> <BR>Please if you know any article about that send me an email.<BR> <BR>Thanks for your help<BR> <BR>Regards<BR> <BR>Laszlo

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    this is natural behaviour. when you go back to server-side script, the page needs to be reloaded from the server.<BR><BR>you can do this client-side. see

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