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    I am including a header file into my page. It contains a form validation function which I am trying to call in the onSubmit method of the form in my page, however the function doesnt get run. Is there some extrs syntax that I should use to call the function even though Ive included the file it is in?

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    Default Are you getting client-side and server-side...

    ...scripts mixed up?<BR><BR>If you include a function to be called from your form, you have to enclose it in &#060;script language="JavaScript1.2"&#062;&#060;/script&#062; tags and not(!!!) &#060;script language="JScript" runat="Server"&#062;&#060;/script&#062;.<BR><BR>What does the code look like? Post the relevant onSubmit call and the relevant bits from your include file here so we can have a look. But keep it to the relevant bits only!!! We don&#039;t want to have to go through dozens of lines of code.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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