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    R Gibson Guest

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    I need to connect to a DSN located on Server1 from an asp script running on Server2. Is this possible, or do I have to setup a DSN on Server2 to point to the DB on Server1?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>-rg

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    mark Guest

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    If your ASP Script is running on Server 2, then a System DSN must also be setup on Server 2. As far as I know, ASP Script running on one server (Server 2) can not read DSNs on another server (Server 1). The System DSN must be setup on the server that is running the ASP Script.<BR><BR>It is possible for a DSN on one server (Server 2) to point to a database on another server on the network (Server 1). However, when doing this you will run into a host of Authentication and IIS Impersonation issues that you MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND.<BR><BR>Like any application running on NT, IIS must run under a valid NT Account. Usually, this Account is the &#039IUSR_machinemname&#039 Account (Anonymous Authentication). This Account only has rights and privileges for the local server, not for other servers on the network. It can get to any resource on the sever (Server 2) as long as NTFS File permissions allow it to do so. Normally, this Account can not gain access to resorces on other servers without using either Basic Authentication or NT Challenge/Response Authentication (IIS 4). Of course, the Authenticated User must have appropriate NTFS CHANGE permissions on the network server that hosts the database.<BR><BR>Anonymous Authenication could also be used if both network servers sychronize their default IIS User Accounts with the exact same Account Name and Passord.<BR><BR>Check out Microsoft&#039s site for articles on IIS Security, Authenication and Impersonation.<BR><BR>

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