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    Martin Guest

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    New to ASP scripting. Need an answer like yesterday. Once I&#039ve collected data via a form using asp, how do I get the server to email me that information, just as a CGI/Perl script would?

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    Install a Server Side component like ASPMail or Microsoft&#039s CDONTS.<BR><BR>Kurt

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    Martin Guest

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    Kurt, <BR>Would I have to contact the ISP to see if either of those components are present, or how do I do that? The info I&#039m collecting from this simple form isn&#039t being passed to a database. Where can I get the server side components from?

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    As Kurt said there is a number of mail components available. I will add JMail ( It is very easy to use and install. However you will need to find out which component your ISP provides or if they will install one of your choice. <BR><BR>JMail is free and comes with good help and examples. If you try it, you will at least get a good feel for using mail with asp.

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