Hello folks, <BR><BR>I have a slightly complex problem. I am making a quiz game in which the selection of the question set involves two steps: <BR><BR>1. A checkboxlist is populated with &#039;categories&#039; (eg. History, Politics, Science). When the user clicks the checkboxes, the corresponding sets of topics under each category get populated in the ListBox (eg. history-WW1, history-WW2, Science-Plants, etc.). Note that multiple checkboxes can be selected resulting in multiple sets of topics listed simultaneously in the ListBox.<BR><BR>2. The Listbox topic is then clicked followed by clicking the start button to start the game. <BR><BR>The following statement works great for step1 - filling the ListBox when the checkboxes are clicked: <BR><BR>---------------------------------------- <BR>if ispostback&#060;&#062; true then <BR> FillCheckboxlist() <BR>end if <BR><BR>FillListBox() <BR>---------------------------------------- <BR><BR>The problem is in step 2 since grabbing the ListBox&#039;s data by selecting it and clicking the start button control requires that the FillListBox() function also be inside the &#039;if&#039; statement of &#039;ispostback &#060;&#062;true&#039;. In short, for the first step, the FillListBox needs to be outside the if statement but for step two it needs to be inside the if statement. How to make it work? <BR><BR>I hope the above description makes sense. Will appreciate any help. <BR><BR>Thanks. <BR> <BR>