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    I&#039;m trying to create a MS Project-like Calendar in ASP. Something that a user could enter a beginning date, and an ending date. the data would be entered into an Access database and the output would be a calendar in which all the days would be on one horizontal line, and there would be a bar or something under the corresponding days they entered. Kinda like this:<BR><BR>S M T W T F S S M T W T F S...etc<BR>----_____________<BR>---&#124_____________&#124<BR>------------_________<BR>-----------&#124_________&#124<BR><BR>(Disregaurd the hyphens)<BR><BR>Where each bar is a different event pulled from an Access database. I&#039;ve got the database part fine, I am just having problems creating this Calendar/Graph.<BR>Is this possible an ASP? Can anyone point me toward some code that would help me out?

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    This is failry easy if you already have the database setup correctly.<BR>What I&#039;d do is get the minimum day that events occur, and the maximum day, and display every date in between.<BR>Then, on the next row (TR) step through the days and see if there is an event for that day. If there is, display a graphic. This will step through every day, displaying the graphic as it goes. You will need to somehow code for having different events on every row, but I&#039;m sure you can figure that out. We kinda deal with specific problems on the forum, so if you run into anything specific, let us know.<BR>~~Chaotix

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