Hi there -<BR>I have the following code:<BR><BR>* * * * * * * <BR>Set objAccess = Server.CreateObject("Access.Application")<BR>Set objDoCmd = objAccess.DoCmd<BR><BR>DbLoc = request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH") & "test.mdb"<BR> <BR>objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase DbLoc<BR>* * * * * * * <BR><BR>... yet when I run the ASP page, I receive:<BR><BR>* * * * * * * <BR>MSAccess error &#039 800a1eba&#039 <BR><BR>Microsoft Access can&#039t open the database because it is missing, or opened exclusively by another user. <BR><BR>/dir/test.asp, line 7 <BR>* * * * * * * <BR><BR>Simply put, all I want to do is run a sub stored in a module in an Access database that outputs a report to a Snapshot Viewer file; the module works great in Access, but I can&#039t seem to get it opened over the web with ASP. From what I&#039ve read, using the Access.Application object would provide functionality to run macros, but as you can see, it&#039s not opening my db for some reason. Is there another way to run a sub from a module that I&#039m too stupid to figure out, or is the Access.Application object the only way? If it&#039s the only way, is there some configuration or property I need to set for Access to find and open my mdb? The file is there, unopened and all the permissions are set correctly, so I&#039m not sure why Access is having such a hard time.<BR><BR>Anyway, thanks a lot in advance, I appreciate any input!<BR>Jason<BR>jshort@filex.com