How to speed up Import process in ASP.NET

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Thread: How to speed up Import process in ASP.NET

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    Default How to speed up Import process in ASP.NET

    Hi Friends!!<BR><BR>I&#039;m developing an app in .NET(C#) where I need to import data into my system...I&#039;m able to do that but it takes a long time to get the data into the system.<BR><BR>Actually we have data in CSV files and we map the fields in the file with Database fields and then import the data into database. While doing so, we create a Dataset containing all the rows of the CSV file and we traverse the Dataset for each row and make a XML file of all the data which then is parsed and data gets inserted into database. For big CSV files containing over 10,000 records, the process gets very slow...Can somebody help me with this...I&#039;ve frequently seen such problems occur when importing data in any app.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Debsoft

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    Default Convert this VB6 app to .NET syntax

    I believe you&#039;ll find it much quicker<BR><BR>

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