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Thread: IE not showing Javascript Errors all the time

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    Default IE not showing Javascript Errors all the time

    Hi,<BR><BR>I have coded a javascript error into my ASP page. When I view the page in the IE browser, no error is returned. If I go to Internet options and uncheck "Display Scipt Error" and check "Display a notification about every script Error" I receive the javascript error. Here&#039;s the tricky part. If I close my browser and open the page again, I again get no error. Then I open my Internet Options (still with the new setting shown) and simply click OK. Now if I refresh my page I get the Javascript error. Its as if I have to remind the Internet Options of my setting everytime. Some of my users here with the older versions or service packs of IE don&#039;t have this problem and some do. My IE version is 6.0.2800.1106 Update version SP1; <BR><BR>Thanks for your help

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    Default Is there a reason you don't use Try/Catch blo

    to trap your errors? Or, are these errors only coming up when you&#039;ve entered improper syntax?

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