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Thread: query question <-> crossposting?

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    Default query question <-> crossposting?

    Hello,<BR><BR>I posted a question in the ASP area but I&#039;m still stuck with it,<BR>it&#039;s actually a question that belongs here as well as it is about sql queries.<BR><BR>so can crosspost this or not?<BR><BR>if not admins may delete this thread :)

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    Default Sure...just reference...

    ...the other thread in your post. That&#039;s all we ask. After two hours with no answer, a crosspost is justified, I think.<BR><BR>Oh, an *NO* message *EVER* gets deleted from these forums. Ever.<BR><BR>I think Scott is afraid that the forum software is so fragile that it would break if he did so.<BR><BR>(And there *AREN&#039;T* any "admins" except Scott, and he does very very very little admin&#039;ing.)<BR>

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