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    Hey All,<BR><BR>As a follow up to an earlier post, I&#039;m looking for some advice on how to setup a series of forms that require sequential approval using a db.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my setup. There is one form that gets filled out and needs to be approved by 3-5 people in a certain order. There is only one form, but depending on the "department" that fills it out, the people who need to approve the form will differ.<BR><BR>So I was thinking of having a drop down at the top of the page to determine which department it is. Then based on that department, an array is picked, which contains the different users that need to approve the form. The array will be easily changeable for any future modifications and can hopefully handle the approval process. Does that seem feasible?<BR><BR>If that works, then I have to figure out how to handle the actualy approval process sequentially and make it work .. help. :)<BR>

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    why not make it easier?<BR><BR>the logged in user will be assigned a session variable that places him/her in his/her respective department. it will also ensure that he/she has the authority to approve it.<BR><BR>when it is approved, the session variable will tell you which field to update in your db, so that you may track the department that approved it.

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