Please help me with this problem! <BR><BR>I converted a database created in Access2000 to Access97 for someone who wanted to use it at home and in the office and on her laptop without upgrading to Access2000. Everything works running the Access97 version in Access2000. Everything works running the Access97 version in Access97 *EXCEPT* the mailing labels. <BR><BR>When you try to open (or print directly) the mailing labels while running Access97, a dialogue box comes up that says "Enter Parameter Value" on the first line, "Trim" on the second line, and then the third line is the text box into which you are supposed to enter something. No matter what you enter or don&#039t enter, the mailing labels appear looking like this: <BR><BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR><BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR>#Error #Error #Error <BR><BR>etc. <BR><BR>The mailing labels are three across. In design view, each address label has four lines of fields in it, with some lines containing only one field and some containing more than one field, so there is one error message per line per label, not per field. <BR><BR>When I specified parameter value, a dialogue box requesting the parameter value I asked for came up first, then the Trim box as before. <BR><BR>Regenerating the queries on which the labels are based and regenerating the label report didn&#039t work. The fields are set to reasonable lengths, not at the default or maximum of 255 characters. <BR><BR>What should I do to fix this problem? It doesn&#039t matter whether the labels are generated from a query or directly from a table--the same error messages result.<BR><BR>Thank you very much for any help you can give me. <BR><BR>Linda