I set up my home machine to do some ASP development without a problem - It wasn&#039t that hard to add PWS to Win 98. <BR><BR>However, at work, where I&#039m required to use Win NT, I cannot get Personal Web Server to work.<BR><BR>- I installed the option pack<BR>- I installed the latest service pack<BR>- I installed the latest MDAC<BR><BR>Now, it says that PWS is working, I can &#039start&#039 it, but I can&#039t call up pages through a browser through PWS. In the PWS interface, Publish and Web Site come up with "Page could not be displayed, Interal Server Error".<BR><BR>Any ideas? I would start from scratch, but I&#039d prefer to know what I did wrong first.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Rob