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    Hi guys I have store_number coming from a form in this format: 23,454,45,454 I want to insert all of those into a separate row along with the same email address for all. If a single number is returned...say 454, then an insert is made; however if more than one...then no insert is made...<BR><BR>@store_number varchar(100),<BR>@email_address varchar(100)<BR>AS<BR>SELECT store_number from store where store_number in (@store_number)<BR>INSERT into signup(store_number, email_address) <BR>SELECT store_number,@email_address<BR>FROM store where store_number in (@store_number)

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    yup. because @storenumber is a single string, not a multiple-value structure.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure you can do this without runtime evaluation (or a SQL string instead of an SP, which would be simpler)<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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