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    I’m trying to modify a simple Database application in order to retrieve Records in a Random order. Basically the application consists of a Table of Accounts and a simple Front End Form used to retrieve and update each account.<BR><BR>At present when the user clicks the “Next Account” command button the first available account is retrieved and displayed. The selection criteria states that the “Date_Actioned” field must be null, using the following code:<BR><BR> Private Sub Next_Account()<BR><BR>Dim db As Database<BR>Dim rst1 As Recordset<BR><BR>Dim sSearch As String<BR><BR>Set db = CurrentDB<BR><BR>sSearch = "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM tblAccounts "<BR>sSearch = sSearch & "WHERE tblAccounts.Date_Actioned Is Null "<BR> <BR>Set rst1 = db.OpenRecordset(sSearch, dbOpenDynaset, dbPessimistic)<BR><BR>If rst1.RecordCount &#060; 1 Then<BR> MsgBox "Sorry, there are no more records to work.", vbInformation, "Account Viewer"<BR> Exit Sub<BR>Else<BR> Display record details, edit & update etc… <BR><BR><BR>Question: How can I modify the SQL Statement to Select the next available account in Random order. For example, say I have 10 Accounts in my Table the first 5 of which have been previously updated (Date Field populated). When I click “Next Account” instead of being presented with Account 6, I wish to select a Random Account from the available records (i.e. 6-10). Is it possible to use the RecordCount property of the recordset as the upper limit in a random function?<BR>

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    Default This seems strange...

    If there are 143 records that meet the SQL condition, are you still going to limit which record you display to just the range of records 6 through 10???<BR><BR>

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