Hello <BR>I need two projects done in visual basic. I need freelance programmers who are willing to do this. <BR>I&#039;ll pay 200$ for projects1 and 50$ for project2. Kindly contact me at thesoftware_objects@yahoo.com or visit :http://www.thesoftwareobjects.com<BR><BR>Project1:<BR>aut omatic paypal payment after receiving e-mail notification of payment received from paypal IN ANY LANGUAGE<BR>I am in need of software that is able to automatically make paypal payments to third-party company. The automatic payment should be triggered on the basis of incoming e-mail from Paypal with header "Noticification of payment received" and then ****-nr. These e-mail&#039;s from Paypal always have the same layout and fixed places of fields, only with different content. The automatic payment should also be done via Paypal. The software needs to preferably look into website based e-mail account (from www.register.com) and not when the e-mail is downloaded in outlook. I would like to be able to be flexible in what type of automatic payment should be done to whom etc, on the basis of content of e-mail from Paypal. I also receive payment notification from paypal if item is bought from my store. So there can be 2 different e-mails that require automatic paypal payment. Furthermore I should be able to change settings for automatic payment on an online website so I can access anywhere. Last but not least. when payment is made I would like to sent automatically e-mail to customer who bought item and is mentioned in first Notification e-amail <BR><BR><BR>Project2<BR>This multi-user, password-based access control utility enhances and complements the Windows built-in logon and authentication system. It&#039;s fully configurable. You can use this utility to restrict system access to certain users, optionally controlling the days of the week and the time of day that a user is allowed to log on and use the system. You can define temporary users that expire after a number of logins or when the system reaches a date limit. This will also keep a log of and track all users who log in to the system. This includes failed logon attempts.<BR><BR>regards<BR>omair aasim<BR><BR>