please help me on hosting web sites.

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Thread: please help me on hosting web sites.

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    Default please help me on hosting web sites.

    hi,<BR>question 1,<BR>I was wondering as to what will it take to self host a web site.<BR>what all does it involve and how much will the whole thing cost approximately.eith ssl, certificate etc.<BR><BR>The second question is what does it take to go with a hosting company. what is the initial cost and approximately how much will it take each month.<BR><BR>what kind os situations will the above 2 cases fit?<BR><BR>somebody please help me,<BR>

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    There are two ways to do it yourself:<BR>a)The Cheap Way = You can install personal web server on your system. This is really only good for basic testing and not a production environment.<BR><BR>b)The Best Way = You will need powerful system running Windows NT server and IIS. You will also need a dedicated IP address. Generally ADSL, T1, T3, or OC3 lines will get you those. Depending on your area, you might also get a dedicated IP from the MediaOne Broadband Modems. This can let you run a large site with many users. Keep in mind, its expensive. Its also not reccommended if you&#039re not too familiar with networking.

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