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    hi<BR><BR>i am trying to upload files to a database from a web form using ASPUpload. The installation of the component i am using has the Upload.Save method disabled. <BR><BR>Before saving to the database I can use Savevirtual(path) successfully however i cant save the file to memory. <BR><BR>i have tried each of the following without success:<BR><BR><BR>Upload.Save &#039;path omitted<BR><BR>Upload.SaveVirtual &#039;path omitted<BR><BR>Upload.SaveToMemory<BR><BR>Is this possible to save to memory with Upload.Save disabled ?<BR><BR>if so can you please let me in on the secret<BR><BR>cheers for you time<BR><BR>gelboe

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    why has it got save() disabled? has your host deliberately disallowed it? if so, they might take issue with you finding a work-round (if indeed you can)<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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