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    I want to add a function to the site which will select content and display based upon elements selected by the web editor.<BR><BR>For example, someone will write an article for a website. The editor will review it and place it in the heirarchy depending on credibility. For example, one star for least credible and five stars for most credible.<BR><BR>In your opinion, what would be the most efficient way to accomplish this on the back-end and the front-end? <BR><BR>The way I&#039;m thinking to do this is to create sections of the website for each section. So, above-the-fold of the site would be the five-star articles and below-the-fold would be for lesser-star articles.<BR><BR>This probably seems simple but I&#039;m just wanting to pass it through you guys with your experience to see what you think. Thanks for your time!

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    Just add a &#039;rating&#039; field to the articles table. In the front end you can use a simple SELECT query to display the appropriate article.<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Articles WHERE rating &#062; 3 <BR><BR>etc.<BR>

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