hi,im not shure this is the right forum but...<BR><BR>Im learning services and I tried this particular example in Console appand it worked fine.Then I tried same code in Web Form and for some reason it doesn&#039;t work.When I run it browser says that web site was found but after a minute or so I get a message saying that Server app is unavailable and administrator note that I should check system event log of the web server to see what is the problem <BR><BR>here is this code(Webservice method kaj16 is vey basic so problem is not with it ) <BR><BR>private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) <BR>{ <BR> localhost.Service1 service=new localhost.Service1(); <BR> AsyncCallback delegat=new AsyncCallback(HEY); <BR><BR> IAsyncResult ar=service.Beginkaj16(9,delegat,service); <BR> <BR> while(ar.IsCompleted==false) <BR> { <BR> //something <BR> } <BR><BR><BR>} <BR><BR>public void HEY(IAsyncResult ar) <BR>{ <BR> localhost.Service1 service=(localhost.Service1)ar.AsyncState; <BR> string L=service.Endkaj16(ar); <BR> TextBox1.Text=L; <BR>} <BR><BR>So can anyone help me figure this out?..I for one don&#039;t even know where to locate this event log and even if i could I doubt It would help me much <BR><BR>thank u