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    i&#039;ve never worked with MySQL or SQL Server or Oracle or anything other than Access 2000.<BR><BR>now that i&#039;ve got my home computer hooked up with IIS, i&#039;d like to get involved in learning more about another database.<BR><BR>do i need a completely separate server to run SQL Server 2000? or can i install it on my computer just like Access.<BR><BR>forgive my stupid questions. i&#039;m full of them.

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

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    Default Are you aware...

    ...that SQL Server is *NOT* free?<BR><BR>The MSDE is free and, for all practical purposes, when used with ASP code it is a SQL Server "work alike". (It&#039;s really the full SQL Server SQL-language processor, but it misses some of the more sophisticated other features of the "real thing." Mainly, it misses having an interactive table and query designer. However, if you download "Web Matrix" or use any of the .NET products they all include the ability to build tables and run interactive queries. And Web Matrix is itself free.)<BR><BR>

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    there is a full version available for developers for $49,=. This is not limited (also has things like replication, and all the client tools) but it&#039;s only allowed as a dev box.

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