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    I have a series of pages that collect information from a user. Some branching occurs depending on what questions are asked, but all users end up on the same final page. I am passing the values from page to page via hidden fields. Once a user completes the last form I&#039;d like them to be able to see all of their responses and have a chance to edit them using the original form controls used on each page (i.e. drop down list, check box, radio button, text area, and text) before sending it to the database. I figured out how to do the simple text controls from one your faq&#039;s and am going to try Bill Wilkinson&#039;s suggestions for radio buttons and check boxes. Awesome. However, the FAQ did not show what to do for drop down menus...which in my case are dynamically created on each of the FrontPage. Can anyone help me out here?<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>-Den

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    this isn&#039;t really advanced. working with forms tends not to be because it&#039;s so fundamental to ASP pages.<BR><BR>right. are you building the &#060;select&#062; lists dynamically from the database?

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