some jscripts client side needed please.

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Thread: some jscripts client side needed please.

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    Default some jscripts client side needed please.

    In order to better understand jscript I would like to get some scripts (jscripts) client side.<BR>Someone could please help me in learning the basics diferences between what can be done by scripts server side x client side.<BR>and the diferences between using, c# and jscript.<BR>Is there something I can do only using one of these ???<BR>thanks in advance.

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    Go there and peruse their "JavaScript FAQ" section, just to get started.<BR><BR>There&#039;s no *DIRECT* connection between VB.NET/C#.NET (which are really the same thing--different language syntax but essentially identical capabilities) and JavaScript.<BR><BR>"JScript" is just Microsoft&#039;s trademarked name for their dialect of JavaScript (which name is trademarked by Netscape). It&#039;s 99.5% compatible *at the language level* (let&#039;s not talk about the objects used!) with Netscape&#039;s JavaScript. So generally anything you read about JavaScript *the language* applies equally to JScript. (But don&#039;t get confused between the objects in the browser and the language. The browser objects in various browsers can be very different. Especially the old Netscape 4.x browsers.)<BR><BR>There&#039;s no particular reason to use JScript for *server* scripting, although some people do. Personally, I wouldn&#039;t recommend it.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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