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    Hey guys,<BR>I have a VB COM component called MY_Component that I have created. It has two class modules, clsA and clsB. I have compiled it and registered in COM+. Now, from my ASP page I reference this component as: <BR><BR>dim objTest <BR>set objTest = server.CreateObject("MY_Component.clsA") <BR><BR>The problem I have is, when I am referencing clsB and try to use some of the functions of clsB, it takes forever for the response to come back. Everything works from clsA though. I have checked to make sure that the issue is not with the database that the component is using. I can&#039;t quite figure out what&#039;s going on. Help...

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    without looking at anything how will we know what the problem is<BR><BR><BR>try running it in debug mode and see what is taking time.<BR><BR><BR>

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