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    Default Fill Calendar Control with Custom Dates

    I have been searching for this answer for a week now to no avail. I want to use the calendar control, but I have two tweaks I want to use and can&#039;t figure out how. First, I want the first week displayed to contain today&#039;s date. Second, I want to only display 4 weeks worth of dates. It would look like a normal calendar with Sunday through Saturday. The first row would start with 6/15/03 (today is 6/20/03) and the last row would have the week of 7/6/03.<BR><BR>I have an event calendar and only today and the future is relevant, I never want a user to look in the past. I have found nothing that allows you to load up a limited/specific range of dates to the control. Also, I am not talking about date selection, I am talking about the dates visible on the control.<BR><BR>Scott

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    Default Probably need to write..

    .. your own.<BR><BR>Wouldn&#039;t be difficult.

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