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    Dear Friends,<BR><BR>Development environment - ASP.NET(VB.NET), IIS5.0,VS.NET<BR>I am trying to load the images and Rotate,Zoom in,Zoom out from the ASP.NET Pages.<BR>How do to this? What are the Namespaces can i use?<BR>If any one knows please send me the tips or any sample source code...<BR><BR>Is there any image viewer(third party) or picture viewer for ASP.NET? please let me know...<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>I have one more questions...we are doing image processing systems..<BR>Currently our system is running c/s technology.I am using LEAD Main control(LTRVW13N.ocx, Third Party control) to display the images,rotate,zoom in,zoom out.So is it possible use the same control to my ASP.NET Application through AxImp,TlbImp? if so.. how can I do this? please give me the guide lines..<BR> <BR> I hope here is somebody who can help me with this problem...<BR> <BR>Advanced Thanks,<BR> <BR>Thanks,<BR>Arthi

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    look at the Syste.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix class. Might have some stuff you are looking for.

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