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    I have a mail form running on a internal/local webserver (not linked to the WWW) <BR>I want to include attachments within the mails. Can I use local paths to files stored in my computer or on the network in stead of copying all the files to the webserver first.<BR><BR>Please help. Thanks

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    No.. The Files have to be on the webserver, or a shared network resource that the web server has access to via its own "File System"<BR><BR>

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    Assuming you&#039;re all the same intranet/domain and your PC has File Sharing, create a share on your PC for the folder with the files in, then Permission Everbody for that share and also permission the folder with everyone permissions.<BR><BR>Then in your e-mail you use this unc path \YOUR_PC_NAMESHARE_NAMEFILE_NAME.doc<BR><BR>

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