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    Guys right now we have a page that has no back-end. The page allows you to create items for purchasing.. right on the form, continuing to add line item after line item - if you click add line item.. after 67 line items we run into a cpu issue (it&#039;s at 100% usage) any idea how I would incorporate a db to alleviate this problem? The second question is, without the db back end, how can address this<BR><BR>thanks A TON<BR><BR>Jay

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    Default I would be FASCINATED... see how you make this work in a Netscape 4.x browser!<BR><BR>So far as I know there&#039;s no way to do what you have described with that browser short of using a hidden frame that you copy the form contents to and then recreate the entire form.<BR><BR>Anyway, what does this question have to do with ASP? You never say you are using any ASP server-side code to support this page.<BR><BR>And in any case, I can&#039;t see how it qualifies for the "advanced" forum.<BR><BR>But I&#039;m willing to have my mind changed if you can demonstrate what you have already tried, what worked, and what didn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>

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