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    Hello<BR><BR>I am having problems with loading a hidden menu and then redirecting to a URl.<BR><BR>I have hidden menus that sre activated once a user logs on to the site. When the log on conditions are met the menus are unhidden using Response.write("&#060;script language=&#039;javascript&#039;&#062;top.location. reload(true);&#060;/script&#062;").<BR><BR>My aim was to redirect the user to a members page once the user has logged on using response.redirect(URL) directly after the above code however if i do the the menus fail to load.<BR><BR>Am I redirecting the user to the log on page in the corerect way. does anyone know of a way that i can redirect the user to another page and have the menus appear.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Chris

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    Firstly, if you do this, you are going to get a terminal loop of reloads....<BR><BR>Response.write("&#060;script language=&#039;javascript&#039;&#062;top.location. reload(true);&#060;/script&#062;"). <BR><BR>Second, you cannot redirect a page after written content to the browser... Response.Redirect is a server side redirect, and as soon as you write something to the client, you will get a redirect error "headers already written to client " or something like that.<BR><BR>Why do you have hidden menu&#039;s on a members page, surely you would just display them as the members would have to be logged in to see that page....<BR><BR>

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