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    Elad Guest

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>Does anyone know of a good tutorial to help teach about SQL 6.5? The workings of it, creating databases, the point of SQL trace etc.?<BR>Also how to manage the db in that after you create teh databases how do you &#039upload&#039 them to the hosting ISP and how do you maintain it? Cause its not like Access whereby you can edit the fields and reupload and all is fine.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Elad<BR>

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    Scott S Guest

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    I bought a book Called INSIDE SQL Server 7.0 from MS Press, it is a fantastic book but it seems to assume a bit of knowledge. what i would do if i were you, buy 2 books. <BR><BR>1) a SQL Server 6.5/ 7.0 (which ever you need) for Dummies book <BR>and, once you finished with that book i would get a bigger more advanced one, <BR>2) INSIDE SQL Server 7.0 from MS Press for example.<BR><BR>for me these have worked well. also, check out www.sqlmag.com i have found many many articles that cover a wide array of topics relating to SQL & ASP. one for example was how to secure SQL 6.5 when using it as a Web Backend. another was in how to create user groups & reccommended permissions.<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR>

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