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    I have mac(OS10),is there a way I can run ASP on this machine.Does IIS or PWS work for MAC?<BR>Why am I working on mac anyway??????

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    Default not under OS X, no

    There used to be a PWS for OS 9 (actually, IIRC, OS 8.x or better), however it&#039;s certainly not available for OS X<BR><BR>There kinda would be a way around this. I seem to recall that either there&#039;s software bundled with, or available for OS X with which you can actually install and run a flavour of Windows under the OS X system. it&#039;s slower, but it CAN nbe done. Downside is you need a licensed copy of windows to do it, along with a huge whack of free disk space and a decent amount of RAM<BR><BR>We did it about a year or so back with OS X running an instance of NT4 and and Instance of Win2k all at the same time, but I can&#039;t recall if it was third-party software or bundled....<BR><BR>another way would be to install Apache onto OS X, which is relatively easy, however you&#039;re not going to be working with a _true_ version of ASP. you&#039;d have to fork for ChiliASP! from Sun or use Apache::ASP, which is crappy...<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>

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