Will FSO do the trick for a huge move?

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Thread: Will FSO do the trick for a huge move?

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    Default Will FSO do the trick for a huge move?

    I have a 10 folders with 200,000 XML files in each folder and I have a Archive table with 2367404 records (Each record references one XML file). The people who were here before me did Archive the table records but did not do the files. Now since we have to edit some of the XML file it has to go one folder and grab one file out of the 200,000 files. This really slows the process. So what I am planning to archive 2367404 XML from these 10 folders and dump it into different folders so the load will be less when we are process.<BR><BR>What my plan was to write FSO for each folder at a time and have the a query from the Archive table ,which tell me which file has a reference to that record and move it. But I know this is going to take a long time to get the transfer done. Does anybody suggest another way to do this.? Thanks in advance

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    Default Probably faster with .NET and threading

    but if you need to use VBScript, FSO and ADO should work fine for this.

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