Maintaining Session State in a Web Farm

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Thread: Maintaining Session State in a Web Farm

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    Sanjay Tripathi Guest

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    Can anybody suggest an efficient way to store session state in a web farm. I am working on a project that needs to keep track of user selections in the form of some entities(most probably stored as propertybags). How can the session-level state be tracked in a web farm?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Sanjay

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    don frazier Guest

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    You have a couple of choices:<BR>1) Create a ton of hidden fields on a form that contain the information and send this to each page you send to the client. The hidden form fields can contain your state information. It&#039s relatively easy to create an ASP "object" to get and set your state info and include it where necessary. This obviously increases the amount of data sent back and forth across the network and is potentially open to hacking.<BR>2) Save "state" info in your data base and track it with a "cookie", much like the hidden form field or a query string parm. More secure, less traffic but has server overhead as each page will hit the backend DB (internal network traffic) every time the user moves from page to page in your application.

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