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    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on Smartnavigation. I have had paging and validation problems in previous projects I have done using smart navigation. I tried using it again and actually had some success...My question is have smart navigation issues that happened in 1.0 been corrected in 1.1? Just looking for an overview of the differences between them in the two versions, as well as any insight anyone may have on whether using smart nav is indeed a smart thing to do.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    i&#039;ve read in a few places ( forums mainly) that 1.1 addresses some of the SmartNav issues....<BR><BR>but 1.1 does present new issues with "doPostBack", but there are patches for it (also in the forums)<BR><BR>i recently updated my project to 1.1 and SmartNav is working as advertised, i unfortuantely don&#039;t have anything to base it on since i never tried it on 1.0 behind it

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