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    How can i Refresh the Page. User will select a name from the dropdown list and goes to the next page, when he come backs to the main page(using Browser Back button) to select another name, here i want to refresh the page automatically(may be Page load or body load)... i am not sure how can i do this.. help me

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    Default No, No, No...

    Never have a page reload itself on the onLoad event of the page, you will just put yourself in an endless loop. Think about that and you will understand why.<BR><BR>It is hard to reload the page when a user clicks their back button because that is part of the history of the browser. A little trick is to use the history and push them forward a page and make them use any navigation links you have on the page. this way you can control how and where a person goes on your site and what they do.<BR><BR>

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