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    Default Using HTMLINPUTFILE

    OK, I give up because it is starting to take too much time.<BR><BR>Does anyone know if you can invoke the browse click event on the <BR>HTMLINPUTCONTROL programmatically? I really only want the feature of the common dialog box that comes up with the control, so what I want to do is hide the control. and when my user clicks a button on the web form, I want to invoke<BR>a click event to the browse button of the htmlinputfile control to bring up<BR>the common dialog box. When the file/path is chosen, this will feed another function on the specified path/file name.<BR><BR>Sound Simple? Should be. However, I cannot find any event with the browse<BR>button. I have looked at the htmlinputfile control namespace, searched user<BR>groups, and many other sites.<BR><BR>Maybe I just am not wording correctly what I am looking for.

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    For security reasons there is very little you can do with this control on the client.<BR><BR>If it could do what you are asking any website could retrieve any file from your computer.<BR><BR>

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