Hello,<BR><BR>How to pass more than one value in a ThreadStart delegate (which belongs to the same class, <BR>i.e, initialization of thread and the function tried to called from thread belongs to the same class)<BR>If no, is there any other way to do it.<BR><BR>My requirement:<BR>I have more than one company which individually has more than 100 email-ids.<BR>For each company I am creating a new thread and writing email-ids in a log file.<BR><BR>The log file should have all emails belong to all the companies:<BR>Company 1 aaa1@bbb.com<BR>Company 1 abb2@bbb.com<BR>Company 2 cccc3@bbb.com<BR>Company 2 dddd3@bbb.com<BR>Company 2 aaa1@bbb.com<BR>Company 3 aaa1@bbb.com<BR>Company 1 fff1@bbb.com<BR>Company 3 aaa1@bbb.com<BR>Company 2 ggg1@bbb.com and goes on.<BR><BR>Plz help me.<BR><BR>Murali.