Serch folder/subfolder dynamically.

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Thread: Serch folder/subfolder dynamically.

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    Default Serch folder/subfolder dynamically.

    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to search the folder name /subfolder name dynamically. I have done it for specific folder but if there are more than one folders, how can i do it ? (i.e. there are five folders named 1111,1112,1113,2222,2223 and If I give "11" in search string it should give three folder name (1111,1112,1113).<BR><BR>Can anybody help me out ?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    Get ALL subfolders in a given folder using the FileSystemObject (look at the reference for details).<BR><BR>Then, iterate through your array and use InStr() to pick out the folders to test...<BR><BR>Craig.

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