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    I am starting to work on some email validation and I have a question. It works with a short email address about 15 characters, however with longer emails I get this error message that my code generates "Email format:". Why is this how can I change this so that it does not bounce any email as long as there is a "@" and a "." in the address.<BR><BR>Heres my asp code:<BR> if len(request.form("xemail")) = 0 then<BR> errmsgemail="You must enter an email"<BR> errcount=1<BR> else<BR> if (instr((request.form("xemail")), "@")) and instr((request.form("xemail")), ".") then<BR> else<BR> errmsgemail="Email format:"<BR> errcount=1<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR><BR>and heres my html:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" size="20" maxlength="50" value="&#060;%=request.form("xemail")%&#062;" name="xemail"&#062;<BR><BR>any suggestions help would be great!<BR><BR>Mike

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    you&#039;ll find some good tutorials on email validation at<BR><BR>this one is basic, functional, but I can think of a few ways to get blatantly invlaid emails past it....<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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