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    Hy Everyone...i&#039;m having trouble to append the attachments to my mail when the attachment is not on c:<BR>What should I do to accept paths like c:Documents and SettingsCarlaMy DocumentsTheDocument.doc<BR>it doesn&#039;t send any error but the attachment never get i don&#039;t know what to do....<BR><BR>This is my Code:<BR>Dim ElCorreo As New MailMessage()<BR>.....<BR>Dim delim As Char = ","<BR>Dim sSbStr As String<BR>&#039;LblAd = "c:Documents and SettingsCarlaMy DocumentsTheDocument.doc<BR>,c:Documents and SettingsCarlaMy DocumentsTheOtherDocument.xls<BR>"<BR>For Each sSbStr In (LblAd.Text).Split(delim)<BR> Dim maAttach As MailAttachment = New MailAttachment(sSbStr)<BR> ElCorreo.Attachments.Add(maAttach)<BR>Next<BR>.... .<BR>SmtpMail.Send(ElCorreo)<BR><BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    Upload the file onto the server and then send it.

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