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    Hello all..<BR>Wondering...on behalf of a client...<BR><BR>Is there such a thing as a Team Standing asp code snippet out there - whereby a client could log into an ASP page, tally the latest games played, and then click a button that would store the data in a now up-to-date table showing standard league standings info? Perhaps even store same as a string in a dbase that could be called by a plain .html page to show the current standings?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Why would you *want* to "store the data" or "store same as a string"???<BR><BR>Why not just generate the standings on the fly every time?<BR><BR>Unless you are talking about a site that gets thousands and thousands of hits an hour, just generating the standings on an "as needed" basis would be more than adequate.<BR><BR>And if you *were* going to go with generating something, I&#039;d just generate actual HTML pages. How, for example, do you propose to have a "plain .html page" be able to "call" some string in a dbase???? HTML doesn&#039;t have that capability.<BR><BR>

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