creating dyamic forms that adapt to user responses

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Thread: creating dyamic forms that adapt to user responses

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    daniel Guest

    Default creating dyamic forms that adapt to user responses

    hi all-<BR>i am developing a web interface to a survey that links with a microsoft access database using ASP, ADO and occasional vbscript. the questions are displayed in a form such that the previous responses appear in the form, and the user can simply modify old answers (this saves time and increases ease of use)<BR><BR>occasionly, an answer to a question will negate questions below it (e.g. if a user answers no to "do you use ASP" there is no need for them to answer "in your ASP pages, which scripting language . .. ?") in that case i would like to "grey out" or fade and freeze (so that they cannot modify) those questions so that contridtory responses cannot be submitted.<BR><BR>does anyone know how to implement this feature using vbscript or another scripting language?<BR><BR>any help is greatly appreciated. i would be happy to display the code i&#039m currently using.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>daniel<BR>dlprager@yahoo. com

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    DL Guest

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    Yes, you could use jscript. Say it&#039s a radio button that the user clicks no on: <BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="radio" name="aspused" value="N" onClick="DisableNext(form)"&#062;No<BR><BR>Then in the script you can disable the next answer with:<BR>function DisableNext(form){ <BR>form.radNext(3).disabled = true; <BR>(the (3) is the element in the array of the radio buttons. The first one is zero.)

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