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    I got this kind of error almost every couple days, and it happend total randomly. It could happen on any time, any page, any line of code. <BR> <BR>Here are 2 examples of this error: <BR>1, <BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0408&#039; <BR><BR>Invalid character <BR><BR>C:INETPUBWWWROOTCMG2 SITESBMOENGLISHTOOLBOX../../Include/functions.asp, line 124 <BR><BR>arData=split(trim(Request.Cookies($PTIF")) ,",") <BR>----------------------------------^ <BR><BR>2, <BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0408&#039; <BR>Invalid character <BR>C:INETPUBWWWROOTCMG1 SITESBMOFRENCHLOGIN../../include/, line 398 <BR>Const adSchemaProperties L 37 <BR>-------------------------^ <BR><BR>In error 1, *"* was replaced to *$* for some reason; In error 2, *=* was replaced to *L* for some reason. If I look the file itself, characters are correct and these included files are in use by many other pages, but others pages work fine. if I re-promote these error include files again, pages then work. I don&#039;t know what&#039;s going on, it drive me nuts. It seemd happend just on include files, I guess this maybe IIS issue, for some reason, when include file loaded, some character was changed. Anybody has any clue, please help. thanks. <BR><BR>Wen Chen

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