Hi. I have a web app that allows the user to save the data they enter localy in a form, as XML on their machine, or on the server. It posts the form to the server and the server creates an xml file with xsl, which the client is redirected to. The page renders in html as per the xsl, but the source is xml. The client saves the page from the file menu. Works good. But the data is alraedy on the client. I want to open a new window from teh client, create a new XML document for that window and build the form data into the xml to save the trip to the server. I can easily open the window, and create and write the xml to the document, but the document creation isnt as xml. So, can I open a new XML doc cloent side? The client code I&#039;ve been using is like this<BR>function CreatLocalXML()<BR>{<BR>var w = window.open(etc, etc);<BR>w.document.open(); // but its not xml<BR>w.document.write(&#039; &#039;); // grab form input data and build xml<BR>w.document.close();<BR>} <BR><BR>Thanks for any help