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    I asked this a few days ago and someone said do a search on forced MIME... at Microsoft. I was wondering if there were any tutorials out there for what I need to do? I need to store mostly word docs in a database, give the user a query option and display the results on a display page which, when clicked, will give the user the download box allowing them the option of downloading the file or viewing it in word. I have not worked with downloading files before. Can an asp download the doc directly from the db or do I need to do pointers in the db,that point to the actual directory where the file resides? That seems to be the part that I need some guidance so any tutorials or code that you can point me to would be great!<BR>TIA!!

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    well, just write the path of each file in the db and when you&#039;re writing the links pull it from the db...<BR>shouldn&#039;t be that hard.

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