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    I&#039;m getting the following error message. I think its something wrong with iusr. How do i check that user to make sure everything is ok?<BR><BR>ERROR MESSAGE<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80004005)<BR>Cannot open database requested in login &#039;evaluations&#039;. Login fails.<BR><BR>CONNECTION STRING<BR>conn.Open "Provider=sqloledb; Server=DPNWNT68;Database=evaluations;UID=testUID;P WD=testPWD;" <BR><BR><BR>

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    You did not tell what version of ADO you are using, or version of SQL. But from the String that you have shown, you should be using SQL 2000.<BR><BR>Try to login to Query Analyzer with that same loginID and same server, same DB. If you have no problems there, then it is in your string. If you do, you will need to create an account in SQL that you will want to use to login. This error has nothing at all to do with IUSR account.<BR><BR>I will almost bet that the account does not exist, or the password for the account is incorrect.<BR><BR>Also in SQL 2000 the SQLOLEDB should be presented as the following: Data Source=IP of Server;<BR>instead of &#039;Server&#039; like you have it. Everything else that you have is correct. Give that a try<BR><BR>Andrew<BR>SQL DBA

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