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    Hi, <BR>I’m having a very strange problem. I created an ActiveX Dll in VB, which reads and writes values in Registry. Now the problem comes when I try to retrieve / reads the value from it. In following scenario: <BR><BR>Line 1: Select Case (Trim(objApp.CompanyName) <BR>Line 2: Case “Microsoft”: <BR>Line 3: -- do some thing – <BR>Line 4: Case “Boeing”: <BR>Line 5: -- do some thing – <BR>Line 6: End Select <BR><BR>Assuming I have “Microsoft” stored in Registry under “Company Name” <BR><BR>Now when pointer comes to Line 1, “objApp.CompanyName”, it returns “Microsoft r&#124 o&#124 s&#124 o&#124 f&#124 t&#124 &#124&#124” and of course it will execute none of the cases in above select. (Where &#124 is special character (I think)) <BR><BR>I have tried all possible debugging tools but no success. I need your help here guys, help in removing those special characters. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>MWN

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    shaow you code for getting the object

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