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    Ryne Guest

    Default "Print" button with ASP or JavaScript

    I have to make a button or link where user can click and it will automatically print the window/frame content without showing print dialog box. The result should be in landscape orientation. Is it possible to make it with ASP or I have to use Java Script? <BR>Please help me with this, both ASP or JavaScript! Or at least give me links to any articles about this.

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    Ben Snell Guest

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    You can&#039t do this with ASP as this is server side only and knows nothing about the client (browser) configuration.<BR><BR>Javascript has a print function but it&#039s not widely supported and can&#039t alter you printer settings.<BR><BR>An ActiveX OCX could help you but not every one can use them (MSIE only) and in any case not everyone trusts them (myself included).<BR><BR>The last option - which is quite popular is to have a version of the page which is printer friendly - look on http://www.4guysfromrolla.com for an example.<BR><BR>Ben

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