Hi,<BR>My ASP page displays product details with pagination (10 records per page)<BR>I have a link on the same page called "View in Excel Sheet" which will populate data in excel sheet. The number of records in the database is currently 4500.<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel" is used in the ASP page<BR><BR>The issue is, when I click on the link, "View in Excel Sheet", it flashes a dialog dox saying that downloading file from the site etc... and throws an error "cell data too large" and doesnt give me proper records in the excel format. But none of the columns has more than 150 characters. The data showed in the excel page are not proper data rather it is all menu items available in the site.<BR><BR>It creates a log on windows emphtmlerr.log<BR><BR>But the same application works fine on winNT IIS 4.0 and the data it showed on the excel is perfect.<BR>I&#039;m getting this error when I deploy the application on win2k IIS 5.0<BR>Client machine, where I access the application, has office 2k<BR><BR>Please help me to resolve this issue<BR><BR>Thankx<BR><BR>regards,<BR>Senthil.