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    I got WinXp Pro on my machine. Everytime I create a folder it's read-only. I go manually and unclick read-only checkbox. Save it. Close it. Open it again and it is read-only again. Any ideas why it's happening ?

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    Default It's just you.

    get it?

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    Default On my home machine...

    ...I had the same problem. But my two machines at worked behaved perfectly. Took me the longest time!<BR><BR>You need to go to "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer".<BR><BR>Click on "Tools" menu.<BR><BR>Click on "Folder options" menu item.<BR><BR>Click on "View" tab.<BR><BR>UNCHECK "Use simple file sharing (recommended)".<BR><BR>Yeah, really.<BR><BR>What was happening: When you created the folder, the default permissions gave *YOU* write access, but *OTHER* users (including IUSR_xxx, the IIS/ASP user!) would have read-only. And that little semi-gray square that said "read only" was really telling you "some users here are read only".<BR><BR>Anyway, if you uncheck that box, say okay, etc., etc., *NOW* every file and folder will have a SECURITY tab, and you can set/unset permissions on a per-user basis.<BR><BR><BR>

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